• Bespoke Marketing Strategy

    GD10 Ventures’ dynamic marketing strategy involves a 3 step approach. We begin by spreading initial awareness about the project to our countless connections in space, this early stage involves educational pieces spread through our core community. We then move into growth marketing strategies with a focus on quality content. Finally, we conclude with long-term sustainability, which involves rounding out the overall ecosystem, implementing powerful and continuing to engage the community with strong content and executing roadmap milestones.

  • Content Creation

    All of our content creation starts with a goal in mind. Is it practical, technical, or educational? Depending on the style of content we utilize various publications to fit the demeanour of the article, video, or graphic content support. We leverage prevalent creative writers from Canada and the UK to communicate the long-term vision and value proposition of the projects we support.

  • Influencer Marketing

    With access to over 40mill in KOL connections, we ensure strong backing from engaged KOLs to boost the initial reach of our project. Our proprietary automation software, with an in-house team of 4-KOL managers, means the onboarding and management of KOL and influencer is seamless. Our KOL has a global audience across Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

  • Growth Marketing

    The centrepiece of our enhanced growth marketing stratagem is our industry-leading animated and narrated video content. We utilize these videos to structure powerful campaigns with creative call-to-actions, mass community reach, and intelligent placement to draw mass appeal toward your blockchain project. This includes Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord.

  • Referral Competition Management

    Competition management is the centrepiece of go-to-market strategies in Web3, allowing us to grow organic communities in excess of 500k for some projects. Our experience in utilizing different software across a host of competition types means we can advise on, set up and manage robust strategies to ensure community engagement.

  • Animated Explainer Videos

    We have created over 300 professional quality premium narrated videos for top-tier projects. These incorporate professional voiceovers (USA, UK, Australian and Indian accents), voiceover syncs, 1080HD, background music, pictures, logo intro/outro addition, branding, embedded screen captures and gameplay. Our video production is a distinguishing feature of GD10 marketing.

  • Professional Graphics

    We create graphics for all purposes and different styles. Our team can create fully customizable web graphics, for blogs, posts, email headers ads and more, easily incorporating brand fonts and colours. Our experience incorporates branding across multiple start-up categories.

  • World-class Website Design

    Our team of award-winner web designers focus on creating bespoke and interactive experiences for aspiring and established businesses and enterprises. We take a collaborative, phased approach to all aspects of design including SEO optimization, UI/UX and interactivity to deliver a competitive advantage and effective ROI for your investment in the process.

  • Translational Services

    Our suite of experts can translate content pieces, voice-overs, videos into a host of different languages including Vietnamese, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Cultural context is important when taking these into account and we ensure articles are fit for purpose.

Marketing pathway

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