XMANNA: The Next Gen Fan Loyalty Platform is HERE

Mar 15
XMANNA: The Next Gen Fan Loyalty Platform is HERE

The formula for attracting fans to live sporting events has largely remained unchanged over the last several decades and this stale approach, combined with the effects of the global pandemic, has taken a harsh toll on ticket sales. This puts the jobs of many who work at these stadiums at risk, as lower attendance means less revenue in the stadium, and the potential risk of advertisers pulling out due to a lack of engagement by fans.

But while sports stadiums across the world struggle to fill their seats after recurring years of declining attendance, the team at XMANNA is taking an innovative approach to reverse this trend. It’s an approach that combines play-to-earn mechanics, loyalty rewards, and fan interaction, all powered by blockchain to elevate the overall fan experience and give them more reasons to watch their favorite teams, or partake in NFT games, live.

How XMANNA is Changing the Game

XMANNA is building a revenue-sharing platform that rewards all who participate in our ecosystem. This includes the fans in attendance, brands, sports teams, and even advertisers. Essentially, our app rewards individuals for their engagement which in turn promotes organic growth as fans have more incentives to get connected. Advertisers will also have a streamlined database that allows them to analyze important data about the preferences of those in attendance, pinpoint the needs of their audience and ensure a higher ROI. The details of these rewards-based features are as follows:

Skilled Gaming

The rise of play-to-earn gaming is impossible to neglect, and as such, XMANNA provides users with an opportunity to play for handsome rewards. To participate, users will be required to play against another where a 20% rake fee of the total prize pool with the rest being allocated to the winners. 40% of the rake fee will be redistributed back into the XMANNA ecosystem in the form of bonus cash, prizes, and other promotions to incentivize users.

Loyalty Application

The XMANNA loyalty application was built to enable sports clubs to connect and truly engage with their fans in ways that were previously not possible. This not only heightens the user experience but also adds additional low-expense revenues streams for clubs. This could include providing users with custom content, chances for VIP meet & greets, discounts on merchandise, and more. The scope in which clubs can create and distribute rewards to fans is truly limitless, which in turn drastically improves fan interactions and views on sporting events.


XMANNA accounts for the fact that not all countries currently allow for the implementation of all of our play-to-earn features. That notwithstanding, we are steadfast in our commitment to global access to our app and have subscription offerings designed specifically for cases like these. This still allows stadiums and advertisers to benefit from a profit-earning model via our free-to-play version of XMANNA.

Advertising & Sponsorship

A large source of revenue for stadiums is the money invested by advertisers that expect to see a return on their money spent. While the XMANNA app does offer traditional methods of brand promotion, advertisers will also have new ways of engaging their target market. These innovative tools include interactive games and tournaments, prize giveaways, fund gamification campaigns, and more; all of which is designed to promote brand and fan loyalty,

User Intelligence

Part of the disconnect between fans and stadiums can be attributed to the lack of awareness of current trends and behaviors. XMANNA rectifies this issue with advanced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on user engagement with games, advertisements, sponsored content, and spending. It gives clubs and advertisers an intimate understanding of what motivates their clientele and allows them to tailor their ads accordingly.

Addressing the Aggressive Elephant in the Room

Sports fans and passion go hand in hand and sometimes, this can result in a negative outcome. Take for example the UEFA EURO 2020 Final, when a melee of assaults ensued after Italy defeated England. We cannot help but wonder if the attitudes and energy of angry fans would change, had they won in other ways while at the stadium. What if those in attendance had their attention diverted to a more positive outcome in which many were part of a winning prize pool via the XMANNA app? This potential solution points to a safer and more enjoyable live sporting experience, regardless of whether your team wins or loses.

Scalability Across All Sports and Countries

XMANNA has been developed to ensure that all sports and countries can introduce our app and improve the overall fan experience. Our partnerships with top-tier stadiums and celebrity-owned MLS clubs have lit the spark necessary to ensure global adoption is facilitated, while our team token launchpad enables clubs to create a utility token in support of their Loyalty application.

Welcoming a New Era of Live Events

XMANNA presents stadiums and advertisers with an opportunity to offer fans an unparalleled live experience that rewards them for their attendance and promotes revenue growth. This ushers in a new era of live sporting events that has fans more engaged than ever before, breathing new life into an industry that for too long remained unchanged and resistant to change.


XMANNA takes an innovative approach to improve the overall fan experience at live stadium events. Our state-of-the-art app enables stadiums, clubs, and advertisers to connect with their fanbase and incentivize them to participate in games, tournaments, and various other play-to-earn features that offer rewards-based incentives. This ultimately stimulates the in-stadium economy as more fans are inclined to attend live sporting and gaming events hosted by them and ensures a healthy ROI for advertisers as state-of-the-art KPIs provide insights into important trends and behaviors.

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