Why Cryowar is The Next Great Solana Game

Sep 15 - Mitchell Keller
Why Cryowar is The Next Great Solana Game

GameFi and Solana on The Rise

GameFi has taken over the cryptocurrency industry. By combining DeFi, NFTs, and the practical application of blockchain technology to the gaming industry. There is currently a paradigm shift occurring as gamers are moving away from the traditional methods of conventional online games of “pay-to-play” and are looking to embrace the “play-to-earn” model recently introduced by the advent of GameFi.

Although early GameFi projects such as Axie Infinity were built on the Ethereum blockchain. Newer blockchains such as Solana have revolutionized the GameFi sector with faster tps, lower transaction fees, and better user experience, as evidenced by Star Atlas’ massive success. This article will look at our project, Cryowar, built on the Solana blockchain, and why it is the best time to get involved in a Solana-backed GameFi project that has been in development for 3 years and is primed to take over the space.

Welcome to the Cryowar World

Cryowar, a GameFi project that has been in the works for three years, is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena that employs the most recent technologies from DeFi, NFTs, and the gaming industry. Cryowar is poised to lead the next generation of GameFi projects with our high-octane gameplay, running on the rapidly growing blockchain Solana, and utilizing the latest gaming technology, Unreal Engine 4, with a move to Unreal Engine 5 upon release.

Set in a Sci-Fi metaverse, players engage in fierce multi-realm battles that last 3 minutes or less and allow them to earn massive rewards with our “play-to-earn” model. Gamers also enjoy smooth gameplay provided by the Solana blockchain and amazing visuals created on the Unreal Engine.

Following The Footsteps of Star Atlas?

We have a lot in common with Star Atlas, Solana’s first and most significant gaming platform, and we can also say that we have improved the gaming experience for players over Star Atlas. Based on the positive response and massive success of Star Atlas thus far, it is not a stretch to say that Cryowar is offering redemption for those who missed the “Star Atlas train”, so to speak. Some of the parallels are as follows:

Blockchain Technology: Cryowar and Star Atlas are both run on the Solana blockchain, which is known for its high transaction per second (50,000+), low latency, high speed, and meagre transaction fees (usual fractions of a penny), making it one of the best blockchains to propel the GameFi sector.

Gaming: Cryowar and Star Atlas share some similarities in this regard as well, as both gaming platforms use Unreal Engine 5 to provide players with fantastic gameplay.

Concept of a Metaverse: By utilizing NFT technology and providing real-time ownership of in-game digital assets such as NFTs and in-game tokens such as $Atlas and $CWAR that can be obtained and traded amongst players. These NFTs facilitate the easy transfer of ownership and designation of value for digital assets. Thus, games like Star Atlas and us, Cryowar are able to create massive, complex, and stunning new worlds for you to enjoy and interact with at the same level of depth as the real world itself.

Decentralization: Star Atlas and Cryowar fully embrace the concept of decentralization by operating a decentralized autonomous organization model(DAO) of governance, allowing gamers on the respective platforms to vote for competitions, new game modes, and control the overall growth of these gaming platforms’ gaming processes.

Deflationary Management: To increase the value of in-game tokens, Star Atlas and Cryowar implement and manage deflationary mechanisms such as constant token burns. By giving back to the community in this manner we protect the value of the token and the play-to-earn system we have in place.

The next big gaming platform on Solana?

Aside from the shared similarities with Star Atlas, which puts us in a prime position to replicate Star Atlas’ massive success, we also outperform the gaming platform in gameplay speed. While gamers on Star Atlas must play for long periods, our battles typically last 3–4 minutes and come with high rewards, unlocking an untapped customer base for the GameFi industry and optimizing the user experience for new gamers by lowering the barrier to entry.


Cryowar offers our users the best of four worlds in the most appealing way possible: crypto, gaming, DeFi, and NFTs. We’ve got you covered if you missed the Star Atlas train. This is the next big chance to experience an immersive gaming metaverse built on Solana, and you can be among the first to take advantage of it by actively participating in our community.

We intend to raise the bar for the GameFi sector, which would be impossible without the assistance of our valued community members.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our community via the following links:

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