The Rise of Esports: How Cryowar’s Competitive Gaming Focus Will Fuel Its Longevity and Value

Sep 30 - Mitchell Keller
The Rise of Esports: How Cryowar’s Competitive Gaming Focus Will Fuel Its Longevity and Value

About Cryowar

Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and on the Solana network. Players engage in fierce multi realm battles in the expansive Sci-Fi Medieval gaming metaverse. Battles in Cryowar are an all-out fight featuring profound skill expression, where the best players are in a constant struggle for resources, territories, and world domination. Every player will have the unique opportunity to protect their realm and earn tremendous rewards in the process. Only the strongest will crown the leaderboards. Cryowar is developed for PC, iOS and Android with cross-platform multiplayer. Through these unique features and dedication to our game, with over three years spent on development. We are set to be the next massive play-to-earn game on Solana.

Gaming and Esports Mainstream Adoption

The rise of gaming from a hobby many were teased for to mainstream appeal has been on the back of competitive gaming's meteoric rise in popularity. It is no coincidence that the increase in gaming on a global scale has coincided with the increase in its sustainability as a career path.

We build on this trend by being the first game with mass esports appeal where you not only earn for competing on the professional stage but through your practice sessions on the ranked ladder as well—a true game-changer in the industry of blockchain gaming and traditional gaming as a whole.

Cryowar is Focused on Esports

We are uniquely positioned to overcome the status quo of blockchain games being casual and forgettable with our commitment to the competitive spirit of gamers everywhere. Further, we recognize players will only remain interested in an online game for an extended period; we know it must provide an intense and competitive gaming experience with a high skill ceiling.

Thus, gameplay in Cryowar will be high stakes, high pace, and overwhelmingly rewarding both financially and competitively. You must be ready for whatever the game throws at you because we cycle through a pool of objectives at random to increase the level of competitiveness and thrill. Our commitment to the above will lead us down a path of longevity for the most casual of players and the eventual professionals.

We are incredibly excited to see how far our competitive environment can go. With the increased exposure decentralized games can inherently obtain and the borderless technology, we believe our competitive environment will be global right away. This will allow for a rich, long-term gaming metaverse where people across the world can earn a living through their skills, streaming, and educating others on how to stay on top in our game.


Solana, Esports, gaming, and play-to-earn are all primed for continued exponential growth. Cryowar has seamlessly integrated the best qualities of these profound spaces to usher in a new generation of blockchain gaming. Are you in?

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