The Chillville Economy: In-Game Items, V2P & The $CHILL Token

Mar 15
The Chillville Economy: In-Game Items, V2P & The $CHILL Token

As the rise of GameFi welcomes a multitude of NFT games and metaverses to the space, the longevity of almost any play-to-earn ecosystem relies heavily on the “three E’s” — Keeping players engaged, entertained, and earning. To succeed in this feat, teams must ensure that they are not only meeting the expectations of their communities but exceeding them — and Chillville accomplishes this task with a Masterverse full of digital collectibles that boost profit-earning potential for its users.

As you read further, you’ll learn more about our in-game items, V2P feature, and $CHILL the Chillville native token. All of the assets serve to elevate our user’s experience and reward them for their time spent in the Masterverse.

In-Game Items

Upon entering the Chillville masterverse, users will find various in-game items they can collect and utilize throughout our ecosystem and

play-to-earn game. These items can be bought, traded, or sold on our marketplace, and some can even help players generate passive income rewards. Here are some examples of just a few of those digital assets:

Starting Off on the Right Foot

NFT boots are one example of these assets and are available in three styles. The SuperSports VII Adds doubles up your defenses when under fire attacks in battle, while the Boltastics Edition 3 triples your running speed to leave your competition racing for second place. Lastly, Veloce HoverSoles multiply your flight velocity by 5, making your trips across the various Chillville districts shorter and more enjoyable.

Claim Your Territory

Snazzy digital footwear isn’t the only in-game item you’ll want to add to your Chillville NFT shopping list as the opportunity to purchase Chillville land also exists in the Masterverse. What makes this acquisition even more beneficial for our users is the profit-earning opportunities Chillville land provides. It enables you to farm several assets such as mBTC, mETH, mSOL, mGOLD, and others. Landowners can also rent their unused land to other Chillville citizens, as means to earn passive income.

Channel Your Inner Corporate Titan

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! So why not run the restaurant that’s serving up the food? In Chillville, users can run businesses such as a restaurant food chain, hotel, casino, theme park, and more! This is another profit-boosting mechanism that keeps you busy and earning in the Chillville Masterverse.

V2P — Virtual to Physical Items

Chillville connects the digital world with the physical one through merchant partnerships that enable users to make purchases of real-world items in the Masterverse and have them shipped to their doorstep.

Upon purchasing a V2P item, players receive digital ownership of the asset which is verified on the blockchain. Meanwhile, in the physical world, our merchant prepares the physical version of the in-game item to be delivered to the player’s address — which is encrypted and never stored — via local or international shipping services.

Time to $CHILL — The Native Token of the Masterverse

The $CHILL token is a tradable digital asset that will serve as the marketplace currency for the Chillville Masterverse. Players can use this token to purchase virtually all in-game items (Land, NFTs, Vehicles, Food, Businesses, etc.) and V2P items. Users can also swap their $CHILL tokens for other assets and even trade them utilizing the Matry Swap protocol and/or other exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.

$CHILL will also act as a governance token. By holding a minimum required amount of $CHILL, holders will have the opportunity to vote on important decisions regarding decisions made in the Masterverse. This may include new features, games, and rules surrounding games and competitions. It’s a way for us to empower $CHILL holders to truly become the owners of the digital world they are building.

A Place NFT Lovers Can Call Home

Chillville aims to unite different Metaverses by removing the barriers that separate one from the next. Our Masterverse allows NFT holders from major projects to enter our ecosystem using their NFT as their identity. Upon doing so, they can start engaging with other players, participating in our play-to-earn games and businesses, and rack up valuable rewards for their time. It’s a one-of-a-kind NFT gaming ecosystem that will appeal to avid P2E gamers and novices alike as it expands the realm of what can be possible in this new and emerging sector.

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