Ternoa x NFTs

May 14 - Mitchell Keller
Ternoa x NFTs

Ternoa: Innovating Innovation

This is the second blog in our series for Ternoa. In our first blog we discussed the time capsule protocols. In this article, we will be discussing Ternoa’s secretive NFT marketplace. Ternoa’s time capsule technological innovations expand far beyond storage and data transfer. It also overcomes the profound limitations that currently plague the NFT market.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are dIgital assets underpinned by blockchain ledger technology, which certifies each digital asset as unique and not interchangeable. The issue consumers have with NFT ownership is that anyone can freely view the asset in the same quality as the owner. For many, this hampers the exclusivity of the product. Ternoa’s hyper-secure and innovative alteration to NFTs solve this problem.

Exclusivity and Security

Ternoa’s time capsule technology (learn more) enables the minting and trade of a more secure and exclusive NFT. Ternoa accomplishes this through the use of watermarking and quality protection. The watermark that is etched on every non-original digital asset promotes exclusivity and maintains the value of the original NFT. This watermarking service could pave the way to more people to adopt this form of asset ownership.

Finally, With Ternoa being a Polkadot para-chain, Its marketplace will be among the first to enable the free trade of hyper-secure NFTs on the Polkadot network. Being Polkadot driven will provide low costs for the transfer of NFTs, and as a first-mover, Ternoa’s technological innovations will be provided a chance to shine. I’m excited to see how Ternoa’s future unfolds.

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By Mitchell Keller

Graphics by Caelan Flemmings 

Eds. Aydan FlemmingsDr. Deeban Ratneswaran

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