Ternoa: What is Time Capsule Technology?

May 12 - Mitchell Keller
Ternoa: What is Time Capsule Technology?

Ternoa: What Is Time Capsule Technology?

This week we’ll be exploring Ternoa. Ternoa is a Polkadot-based NFT time capsule platform! Sounds cool right, let’s discuss what this means and discuss some of the features of Ternoa.

One of the most exciting core features of the Ternoa Polkadot para-chain is its time capsule technology. Time capsules have several complex use cases, such as the death protocol, consent protocol, safety protocol, and countdown protocol. By design, time capsules are wrapped NFT’s issued on the Ternoa blockchain. These capsules enable users to encrypt, store and transfer data securely with time delays added into the transaction. 

The Death Protocol

While rather gloomy, the death protocol is sure to be a sought-after use case for Ternoa’s time capsules. The death protocol is designed to send a capsule full of data at the point of someone’s death. This protocol means people can ensure their Will, messages, and even a diary of their life can be passed on to loved ones the moment their death is confirmed. Ternoa confirms the death of individuals by scanning the API of local death registers, ensuring that everything one wishes to pass on gets to the intended recipient.

Consent Protocol

The consent protocol allows a group of users to trigger a data transfer via a non-fungible token to an end-user. The group’s decision to initiate the data transfer can be cancelled by the data owner within a specific time. For example, shareholders within a company are in the process of completing a significant transaction. All shareholders can be required to confirm the transaction separately, which then sends a final confirmation to the last shareholder to verify and release the transfer.

The Safe Protocol

The safe protocol allows users to store data on the Ternoa blockchain for a defined period and can access it at any time. A secure storage location for your data is of ever-increasing importance in today’s privacy climate. This protocol is the most accessible use case of time capsule NFT technology.

Countdown Protocol

The countdown protocol allows a user to set a specific number of days before a capsule is sent to a receiving individual and unlocked. The initiating user can reset the countdown an unlimited number of times, any time before the countdown is completed.

We hope this time capsule introduction encapsulated the value Ternoa is bringing forth with this technology. To learn more about the Ternoa platform visit


By Mitchell Keller

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