Introducing XMANNA: Redefining Sports, Gaming and Advertising

Mar 15
Introducing XMANNA: Redefining Sports, Gaming and Advertising

The gaming industry has made incredible progress over the last few decades. Games themselves have been subject to drastic improvements and now feature state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay, much to the delight of players across the world. Today, there are 1.2 billion gamers globally that will contribute to this multi-billion dollar industry, an industry that is about to experience its next stage of evolution at the hands of XMANNA.

From game consoles to PCs, and more recently the rise of play-to-earn gaming, players have had plenty to smile about as now they have the opportunity to earn while being entertained. But we at XMANNA aim to elevate the NFT’s & Gaming experience by taking an innovative approach to how players interact with one another using our app. XMANNA also taps into the sports industry and has the potential to scale on a variety of levels from local teams to global franchises. We address the current issue of declining attendance at sports stadiums while at the same time creating a pathway for the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming — all through our one-of-a-kind platform.

Live Fan Attendance: A Declining Market Pre and Post-Pandemic

Empty seats are commonly seen in stadiums across the world, regardless of which sport you analyze. This has many asking why? Are sports less exciting? This clearly isn’t the case considering sports science has elevated the athleticism of players and their performance in sports to an exponential degree. Given the current global pandemic, one might be inclined to point to this as the main reason live attendance at sporting events is at an all-time low. But while the pandemic did have some impact on the falling numbers, the fact remains, they’ve been declining long before coronavirus became a problem.

To make matters worse, this doesn’t only apply to professional sports. Division 1 college football teams like Minnesota State have seen close to 40% of their stadiums empty dating back to 2017, and this is just one of many teams in the same predicament.

The demographics of sports fans are changing and so is the attention span of the younger generation (a.k.a. millennials). Technology has become the focal point for people of all ages, but in particular with the younger generation, of which, sports stadiums have struggled to produce sales from. And it is here that XMANNA creates the bridge necessary to connect the two parties by providing an innovative way for fans to get involved and earn.

P2E Gaming & Sports: How XMANNA Creates Perfect Harmony

XMANNA is a platform that binds two of the world’s biggest entertainment-based industries, sports and gaming, to create a new level of excitement surrounding each one. A merge of this nature will surely give way to newfound partnerships, ushering in a new era of sports entertainment. A parallel can be drawn when observing the success of the eSports model that has built up its viewership to resemble that of traditional sports. However, XMANNA isn’t bringing sports to NFT’s & gaming but rather, bringing blockchain gaming to the world of sports. In doing so, XMANNA will create a fanbase that has the potential to reshape the way and reason we enjoy an attraction at a stadium. It will usher in a new era of ticket sales for events that elevate the blockchain gaming experience for both players and very soon, thousands of spectators as well.

Remote Engagement Optimized with XMANNA

In an age where digital media is readily available, it’s time for sports enthusiasts to have a proper medium to connect with their sports franchises and associated advertisers beyond the scope of traditional means. XMANNA seeks to bolster remote engagement and provide fans with unique and exciting benefits that would be impossible without this feature. Take, for instance, staying connected in a meaningful way during a team’s off season. Sports franchises can continually foster engagement during this time, and make fans feel like they are fully engrossed in their team’s journey and a part of every change they may go through.

Ultimately whether you are a die hard fan or an average enthusiast, everyone will love the idea of feeling closer to their team and having access to real time data even during a team’s downtime. Franchises/Advertisers now have an easy and convenient way to reach out to fans and offer them meaningful connections and rewards 365 days a year, truly driving fandom to new heights.

The X Factor

We realized early on that XMANNA had the potential to reshape the entire gaming market and propel it to a whole new level. We also realized that marquee partnerships would be essential to properly execute our plans and fully scale our project. This meant getting big names with global recognition on board, so you can imagine our excitement when we signed a partnership agreement with none other than Inter Miami CF.

A partnership of this magnitude all but guarantees that XMANNA will find a home in major stadiums, especially when considering Inter Miami CF is one of the premier clubs in the MLS. We’re confident that this partnership will give XMANNA the momentum it needs to hit the ground at full speed.

Play to Earn More Than Ever Before

Like most of us who have transitioned away from traditional gaming in place of the more profitable play-to-earn ecosystem, it is far more satisfying knowing your time spent in the metaverse can help improve your quality of life and that of your loved ones. But what if this was just the tip of the iceberg? What if there was an avenue that could bring about a new wave of attention to this young and promising market, and take it to never before seen heights?

Welcome to the world of XMANNA. Our app will host the most exciting P2E games in stadiums filled with spectators and gaming fans, fast-tracking the popularity and ultimately, mass adoption of NFT’s & blockchain gaming. Imagine being immersed in your favorite NFT game, but with thousands of screaming fans cheering you on. Much like the environment Major League Gaming (MLG) provides, XMANNA will create its own fanbase and with several key partnerships already signed, those screaming fans are getting closer by the minute.

Bringing Back Profits for Advertisers

While fan attendance numbers have been down across the board, this is not the only sector in sports that has taken a hit. Advertisers have also seen diminishing returns even after paying millions of dollars for a mere 30-second spot in top sporting events.

This presents yet another opportunity for XMANNA, and advertisers, to capitalize on. Our events enable sponsors to streamline their ad targeting towards a newly engaged and specific audience, thereby boosting the returns on the money spent to advertise. Furthermore, the options for advertisers to engage with the audience are numerous. They can offer hand-out gifts, in-game currency rewards pertaining to a specific game, and even boost brand loyalty with unique event options for winners.

XMANNA’s platform will unlock key performance indicators and give sound analytical data to help clarify trends and behaviors in the market, a task that was once nearly impossible to accomplish. With this information, advertisers can pinpoint the needs and interests of their audience and revive the brand awareness that had been declining in recent years.

A Bright Future for Play to Earn Gaming

With the advent of the XMANNA platform, gaming fans will have more reasons to visit a sports stadium to watch live events and enjoy their favorite play to earn games. Through strong analytics, advertisers can benefit from this newly formed target audience by optimizing their efforts to once again see positive results. The balance this creates will provide immense value for both industries while at the same time propelling blockchain gaming into the spotlight and keeping it there, where it belongs.


XMANNA takes an innovative approach to improve the overall fan experience at live stadium events. Our state-of-the-art app enables stadiums, clubs, and advertisers to connect with their fanbase and incentivize them to participate in games, tournaments, and various other play-to-earn features that offer rewards-based incentives. This ultimately stimulates the in-stadium economy as more fans are inclined to attend live sporting and gaming events hosted by them and ensures a healthy ROI for advertisers as state-of-the-art KPIs provide insights into important trends and behaviors.

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