Introducing Domi Online: The Play to Earn MMORPG You’ve Been Waiting For

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
Introducing Domi Online: The Play to Earn MMORPG You’ve Been Waiting For

Welcome to Domi Online, blockchains’ premier MMORPG looking to carve out our spot among the play to earn elite through nostalgic gameplay, powerful token utility, and an everlasting adventure. Read on to gain an initial understanding of the next game you’re going to want to grind all night playing, and of course, dominating.

Domi Online features an expansive medieval metaverse filled with forests, caves, deserts, and many other secret areas that players can venture across, discover and battle mythical creatures. Domi’s elite development team has garnered a rich history including work on the world’s largest free MMORPG of all time, Runescape. Much of Domi Online’s gameplay will hit home for Runescape enthusiasts. By infusing gameplay features that incentivize a player’s commitment to developing in-game skills, and increasing your in-game status through an intricate levelling system, coupled with premier graphics, first-person POV, we are ushering in a new era for MMORPGs. This culminates in a more active community of gamers and long-term sustainability for Domi’s play-to-earn model.

More Than Just an Idea; A Real Game

Unlike many recent introductions to the play to earn space, Domi is more than just a whitepaper, it is a fully operational world with spells, combat, monsters and NPCs. The Alpha version of Domi will be ready to play in Q3, 2022. But before you dive in, let’s look further into what makes Domi stand out from other blockchain and traditional games.

No Redundancy

A common drawback of many MMORPG games is the limitations and repetitiveness found in the most important aspects of the game, namely, the quests and adventures that players embark upon. While yes, the current market selection does provide great profit-earning opportunities, many seem to do it at the cost of profound and eclectic gameplay. Thus, a gap in the market remains.

We provide exciting domains to explore and conquer to apply your dominion over. The stronger you become the more thrilling and lucrative adventures you can experience. Meaning, the most committed Domi Online players can explore more high-level zones that contain rarer equipment to earn from. Your gameplay experience evolves with you.

Finally, the tasks and quests featured in Domi Online go beyond the “go here and kill ‘this’, or find ‘this’” archetype one might find in other RPGs. They consistently reveal something new to players that will pique their interest, encouraging them to seek out more adventures, new lands, cities, and villages across the expansive metaverse.

More Choices, More Strategy, More Excitement

In Domi Online, you’re not limited to just one character or domain, as users can choose to play as a sorceress, priest, amazon, or warrior. Each one possesses various strengths over the other which gives you something to think about when selecting the type of character and strategy you utilize in the game and that synergizes with your friends or guilds. Much like the popular MMORPGs that have been tried and tested through the last 2 decades.

Choosing your path also requires thought and planning. Safer hunting grounds such as the Elf and Minotaur camp would typically be a good place to start. However, conquering more challenging grounds such as Dragon Mountain or the Reaper Forest can potentially earn you greater and rarer rewards at a higher risk. All of this points to Domi Online putting players deep in the action and in total control of their character’s destiny.

PelleK’s Commitment

No matter what industry you analyze, leading companies across the board all have one thing in common: Strong leadership — and Domi Online is no exception to this standard. Our CEO Per Fredrik Åsly, aka “PelleK”, is a famous singer and songwriter in Norway. Further, PelleK created Domi as a passion project and has personally funded it for the last 2 years and been extremely hands-on every step of the way. When passion and skill come together, truly special games are born.

He is the first global artist to release an NFT album, and holds the position of art director at Chain Guardians, cementing his status as an advocate for the fastest growing asset class in the history of crypto. This makes Domi’s CEO no stranger to innovation and disruptive ideas, which is precisely what Domi Online aims to be.

Welcome to the World of Domi Online

Domi Online will provide players with the opportunity to enjoy a unique and equitable gaming experience that never grows stale. Our team is devoted to expanding our ecosystem and making it accessible to players in both blockchain and traditional gaming, and securing our position as the leading NFT game on the market.

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