How The HUSL Levels up Your Fan Experience and Empowers Creators

Sep 05 - Aydan Flemmings
How The HUSL Levels up Your Fan Experience and Empowers Creators

How The HUSL Levels up Your Fan Experience and Empowers Creators

Over the last few decades, the music industry has undergone some pretty radical changes that have done little to help up-and-coming artists. The advent of the internet transformed everything about how we consume music, and how creators create it. Digital monopolies have been built and the control has fallen into the hands of streaming platforms, lawyers, and marketing executives, leaving the artists themselves with less than 15% of the total revenue generated.

Clearly, something isn’t working and hasn’t been for far too long. But where others see challenges in the industry, The HUSL sees an opportunity to fix what is broken. We believe it’s high time that musicians take back control of the art they produce and moreover, allow fans to support their favorite artists without some stiff in a suit taking the lion’s share of the profits.

Breaking the Centralized Grip Institutions Have on the Music Industry

When you think of blockchain you cannot help but automatically connect that with cryptocurrency, and for good reason. We saw just how powerful the impact crypto had on the world of finance and concluded there had to be a way to leverage this revolutionary technology to empower musicians and fans. We started by realizing that the music industry had too many players cutting deals behind the scenes, meaning transparency was being brushed aside in favor of profits for everyone except those who deserved it.

By implementing a blockchain economic model, The HUSL enables those who are directly involved in the exchange of musical goods and services to control the market, thus creating a more democratic ecosystem and excluding the suits who only care about their bottom line.

Diversity Matters and Wins

Have you ever wondered why some musical artists get more airtime than others, even though their fan base appears much smaller and homogenous? The likely reason for this is they’re pushed by an elite group of investors that stand to benefit financially from their success. And while we want to see all dedicated musicians succeed, we don’t agree that greed should trump talent.

At The HUSL, artists that aspire to reach out to a diverse fanbase will receive the platform they need to let their talents shine. We also want fans to know that their favorite musicians won’t be silenced the way they once were.

Allowing Fans to Invest in their Favorite Musicians

Our revolutionary platform allows music fans to discover young artists and share in their success. Let’s suppose you come across a new singer on The HUSL platform, and you are simply blown away by what you hear. You can then open their profile to reveal an unreleased song package that is saved on a non-fungible token (NFT). By purchasing this NFT, you’re not donating, but actually owning a piece of their art. As the artist grows and their music tops the charts, so does the value of your NFT, creating a unique bond between artist and fan that no record label executives can come between.

Connecting Artists Around the World

The HUSL doesn’t just benefit music fans, it also provides artists with a platform to connect with one another and create without limits. Lyricists can find and invest in NFT-based musical backgrounds to pair their lyrics with, creating a synergistic effect as their joint creation gains notoriety and revenue throughout The HUSL ecosystem.

This peer-to-peer music sharing and creating system breaks down the barriers that have held back so many gifted individuals and gives them the freedom to express their talents the way they were meant to.

Join the Music Industry Revolution

Music is a universal language that should be spoken openly and freely, without the worry of manipulation from individuals who care about little else besides profits. The HUSL empowers the real participants in the market and does so in a way that builds value not only in the revenue that is made, but also in the bond that is formed.

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