GD10 Ventures and Master Ventures Enter Strategic Partnership With Ternoa Blockchain

Jun 19 - Mitchell Keller
GD10 Ventures and Master Ventures Enter Strategic Partnership With Ternoa Blockchain

GD10 Ventures and Master Ventures Enter Strategic Partnership With Ternoa Blockchain

Ternoa’s $CAPS is Coming

The month of May is bringing a myriad of tremendous and disruptive projects to market. At the forefront of this blistering month of IDO’s is Ternoa, the blockchain reinventing the use cases for NFTs. This is why GD10 Ventures and Master Ventures are delighted to announce their strategic partnership with Ternoa. Through this mutually beneficial relationship, we will provide Ternoa with support in various integral areas.


There is nothing close to Ternoa on the market today, which is why we at GD10 and Master Ventures both cherish the tremendous opportunity to partner with yet another groundbreaking project. Together in this partnership, we will provide fundamental support to Ternoa. This support begins with our industry experience, which will assist Ternoa in navigating the market in pursuit of accelerated growth. Secondly, we will leverage our strong connections with exchanges and the community to draw attention to Ternoa’s brilliant innovation and equitable idealogy. Finally, the head of GD10, Deeban Ratneswaren, and the head of Master Ventures, Kyle Chasse, are both primed to leverage their overwhelming hands-on experience with premier projects to assist every step of the way in helping guide Ternoa to global adoption.

About Ternoa

Ternoa is a new Polkadot-powered blockchain reimagining the practical applications of NFTs through their patented time capsule technology, which lets you transmit your presence to the future. Through this innovation, Ternoa brings never-before-seen ways to safely and securely transmit and store data. With this, Ternoa is poised to gain an edge over the rapidly growing NFT market and look to secure its position on the Polkadot Parachain.

About GD10 Ventures

Founded and operated by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran, GD10 has rapidly risen from obscurity to transcendence since its inception in 2019. GD10 prides itself on its rigorous project vetting processes and the unabating support they provide their strategic level investments. This methodology has generated a >25x portfolio return since inception.

This vetting process begins with project identification, where GD10 looks for projects that solve pain points within the market. This process is where GD10 shines as an idea-first fund. If the idea is brilliant and the team behind it is capable and experienced, it has the foundation for a successful long-term investment. If these parameters are exceptional, GD10’s goal is to navigate the startup toward mass adoption by leveraging their access to more than 300 thousand Twitter followers and 3 million TikTok and Youtube subs.

About Master Ventures
Master Ventures is owned and operated by none other than Kyle Chasse. Kyle has etched out a legacy in the cryptocurrency market just a few short years since entering. Having launched Paid Network and the Ignition IDO platform, Master Ventures comes equipped to assist both privately and publicly. Here’s a short excerpt from Master Ventures on their beliefs and mission:

“We are a group of passionate blockchain technology & finance professionals who’s mission is to support the decentralized ecosystem through investing, advising, and building blockchain based projects through in-house incubation. We have been investing in cryptocurrency since 2012, building blockchain projects since 2014, and have collectively advised over 25 blockchain projects successfully.” – From Master Ventures LinkedIn profile

With all of this in mind, Master Ventures is primed to continue its already long history of success.

For more on Ternoa, check out these links:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Github | Discord


By Mitchell Keller | Twitter | Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran and Aydan Flemmings – Lead Graphic by Caelan Flemmings – GD10.Ventures – Marketing division: enquiries

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