Elevate your Game Day Experience with XMANNA

Feb 01
Elevate your Game Day Experience with XMANNA

XMANNA is a revolutionary app that leverages the meteoric rise of play-to-earn gaming to boost the engagement and attendance of fans at live sporting events. It features a scalable and versatile platform that any club or sponsor can use to provide tailored content and games for their target audience. Additionally, the timing of our release could not be more ideal, as declining attendance and COVID have all but obliterated revenue for clubs and sponsors, leaving them scrambling to find innovative solutions to this potentially catastrophic situation.

Empty Seats, Everywhere

Sports have always been a go-to source of entertainment for fans across the world. And yet, when tuning into our favorite teams, there is a common sight that viewers will notice in virtually all stadiums regardless of the sport they are watching: empty seats. Some would attribute this to the COVID-19 pandemic and rightfully so, as social distancing measures have played a role in keeping fans at home. However, live attendance at sporting events has been in steady decline for over a decade, much to the dismay of clubs and sponsors. What makes this situation even more frustrating is this digital age we live in enables fans to connect to their clubs now more than ever before, but it still does not motivate them to purchase tickets and watch events in person.

So this begs the obvious question: what went wrong? Somewhere along the way, there was a disconnect between advertisers/clubs with their fanbase. Sports loyalty programs fell by the wayside or did not keep up with current times, resulting in fans failing to see the value of purchasing a ticket to the ballpark. This has left clubs and sponsors struggling to boost live attendance numbers and scraping together resources or looking to cutbacks to make up for the loss of revenue as a result of it.

How XMANNA Bolsters the Fan Experience

Combining a rewards-based gaming app with live sports is the core function of the XMANNA app. It provides clubs and sponsors with a scalable platform to which users can log in while watching their favorite teams compete live and participate in play-to-earn games. GameFi or NFT gaming, is quickly becoming the fastest rising sector in the multibillion-dollar gaming industry. XMANNA utilizes this technology and enables clubs and sponsors to import or develop games tailored to the preferences of unique fanbases. Imagine a stadium full of spectators taking part in a play-to-earn tournament to earn prizes such as concessionary items, signed memorabilia, and even VIP meet & greets with some of their favorite players.

XMANNA capitalizes on the current digitization of fan interaction while simultaneously incentivizing them to once again enjoy watching an event live and in-person. And while this alone is extraordinary, the XMANNA team is taking the digital experience to the next level.

A Digitized Experience Unlike Any Other

XMANNA provides clubs and sponsors with endless possibilities of gamification and loyalty rewards to incentivize users, while bringing about a level of fan engagement that is truly unprecedented. The team has developed the world’s first digital stadium metaverse powered by blockchain technology, in which fans can make a lifetime purchase to own one of 20,000 NFT seats or 500 sky boxes . The XMAN stadium will contain an all-access pass that features an array of benefits for seat holders:

  • Access to a global network of premium events within the metaverse stadium
  • Access to Sponsors and other parties who are hosting their own events and drops
  • Unique tournaments
  • Season Pass to access the Virtual Stadium
  • VIP appearances inside the metaverse
  • Additional XMANNA ecosystem application perks
  • Exclusive avatars
  • NFT Artwork
  • Beta access for new games

NFT seat holders can also look forward to Mystery Box Drops with prizes such as merchandise, memorabilia, VIP fan experiences, and much more. Through this mechanism XMANNA super imposes digital layers on physical sports property.

Rebuilding the Bond Between Sponsors, Clubs, and Fans

The XMANNA app and metaverse stadium will create a virtual sporting world designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of fans across different clubs around the globe. It enables users to utilize this ecosystem as a means to connect with other like-minded individuals and participate in a variety of games that reward them for their time spent playing and attending live events. This solves the problem of rapidly declining attendance and creates new revenue streams for clubs and sponsors, and reconnects them with the fanbase they once thought was lost.


XMANNA takes an innovative approach to improve the overall fan experience at live stadium events. This scalable state-of-the-art app enables stadiums, clubs, and advertisers to connect with their fanbase and incentivize them to participate in games, tournaments, and various other play-to-earn features that offer rewards-based incentives. This ultimately stimulates the in-stadium economy as more fans are inclined to attend live sporting and gaming events hosted by them and ensures a healthy ROI for advertisers as state-of-the-art KPIs provide insights into important trends and behaviors.

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