Drug Token ($DRUG) and DirtyDollarZ ($DDZ) - Tokenomics and Utilities Explained

Nov 29 - Caelan Flemmings
Drug Token ($DRUG) and DirtyDollarZ ($DDZ) - Tokenomics and Utilities Explained

In this article, we will be diving into the various functionalities our two tokens, DirtyDollarz ($DDZ) and Drug token ($DRUG), have within the DopeWarz metaverse. Understanding the utility of these two tokens within the game, and specifically how to use them tactfully, can mean the difference between running a successful empire or a moneyless pit hole.

The streets are tough enough on their own, don’t make it harder for yourself by not knowing how to navigate them!

We will also be going in-depth upon the tokenomics that governs the DopeWarz ecosystem so that any potential investor can fully understand how our economy operates.

$DDZ: This token will be your main currency in-game; $DDZ will fund all your dirty internal drug operations, including materials and manufacturing costs for drug procurements, gang payments, facility and gang member upgrades, bribes, and most other business-related actions within DopeWarz.

Aside from purchasing $DDZ outright, you will mainly earn this on the street selling drugs or raiding other gangs and looting their territory.

Inflationary by design and unlimited in supply, $DDZ is coupled with several in-game burning mechanisms. In-game functions trigger these mechanisms, which are dependent on player activity. An increase in userbase and player activity results in a higher burn rate and vice-versa, thus acting as an element of stabilization to keep the virtual DopeWarz economy in check.

$DDZ can also be transformed into our second token, $DRUG, by laundering in-game. While laundering is essential as it is the only way to obtain $DRUG besides the outright purchasing of the token, the fee associated with this conversion is critical for funding a major part of our play-to-earn winnings. All laundering conversion costs will be funnelled into our community treasury and injected into the endless objectives within the DopeWarz metaverse to ensure high monetary rewards for players’ PVE successes within the game itself.

$DRUG: This is the token of governance; The ability for one to shape the evolution of the DopeWarz metaverse. While one will have voting rights upon how the game develops, $DRUG is also utilized for various other critical purposes within the game.

BlockZ, the area in which all of your operation’s infrastructure is contained (check out this article to learn more about the gameplay here), will be purchased with $DRUG. Additionally, passive earnings received from your BlockZ operations will also be in the form of $DRUG, which will encourage landowners to expand their empire! All property attributes, including specialized buildings and strategic landmarks, are also purchasable using $DRUG.

When one locks in their $DRUG in their local bank in-game, they will be the recipient of staking rewards dealt out through the DopeWarz passive earnings treasury. Locking in your $DRUG also grants you exclusive voting rights for how this treasury operates, including the amount dealt out per day, variations in lock-in time, and many other variables.

Tokenomics Breakdown

Token Name — DirtyDollarZ ($DDZ) and Drug Token ($DRUG)

Token Ticker — $DDZ and $DRUG

Blockchain- Binance Smart Chain

Token Standard — BEP20

Initial circulating Supply– 10 million

Total Supply — 1 billion

Token Price — $0.03 (public)

Initial Market Cap — $386,250


Now that you have obtained the knowledge necessary to intelligently fund your enterprise operations within the DopeWarz metaverse, we recommend you look into our Gameplay article (here) to understand how to actually utilize those in-game assets. While it is critical to know how to fund a drug empire, it is equally valuable to know how to actually run the various domains that make up your operation! We hope that our potential investors feel more informed upon how our tokenomics are laid out within our ecosystem so that you can make a truly informed decision on whether investing in the DopeWarz metaverse is right for you!

We’ll see you all on the streets soon, fellow DopeWarz comrades!

To learn more about our ecosystem, check out our website. To learn more about the technical intricacies that govern our ecosystem, look at our whitepaper.

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