Cryowar: What it Means to Launch On Mobile

Sep 27 - Mitchell Keller
Cryowar: What it Means to Launch On Mobile

Gaming on The Rise

According to an Accenture report, the gaming industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with a market cap of more than $300 billion. Furthermore, according to DFC intelligence’s latest video game customer segmentation report, more than 3 billion people worldwide play video games regularly, accounting for more than 40% of the world’s population.

This exponential growth can also be attributed to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, as many people turned to mobile games to pass the time. This article will discuss why Cryowar has decided to launch a cross-platform gaming app on two important gaming segments, mobile and PC gaming, and how it will drive competitive gaming amongst users.

The Explosive Growth of the Mobile and PC Gaming Industries

According to Business Wire research, the mobile gaming market is already more significant than the console and PC gaming markets combined, accounting for more than 57 percent of global gaming revenue in 2020 ($173 billion) and expected to grow to $272 billion by 2030.

Because of the growing popularity of mobile gaming, traditional console and PC gaming publishers such as Electronic Arts have begun to look into the sector. The advent of 5G networks and the development of mobile cloud-based games are essential factors that have facilitated the rapid growth of mobile gaming. In addition, 5G mobile games and augmented reality (AR) mobile games have accelerated the development of the mobile gaming sector. As a result, mobile gaming is approaching technical parity with PC and console gaming, which means more gamers will embrace mobile gaming in the coming years.

PC gaming, on the other hand, accounts for a sizable portion of the global gaming market. According to reports, PC gaming will be worth $70 billion by 2023, and it is still the most popular platform for game developers, accounting for more than 56% of game development in 2020.

Cryowar’s value-creation strategy

As the blockchain and mobile gaming users continue to increase exponentially. Cryowar has positioned itself well as the first Solana NFT based game on both mobile and PC, which puts the gameplay first. Coupled with a build on Unreal Engine this provides a unique and exciting value proposition.

Further, mobile gaming has dawned a new age of gaming on the go. Cryowar brings value to this rapidly rising industry through high-paced PvPvP gameplay. This means that gaming on the go doesn’t have to interrupt your busy schedule. Put your skills to the test in 3 minutes or less with Cryowar.

Skill-based gameplay

Cryowar will lead the pack as a highly competitive brawler on the go. Mobile gaming and blockchain gaming both have a long history of scrutiny for their lack of gameplay diversity. Mobile gaming only recently squashed this trend as many realized that games could be equally competitive on a smaller device. Cryowar will be the game to bring blockchain gaming to the forefront of people’s minds beyond earning capacity. Shining a light on the competitive potential and prowess that blockchain games can bring. A true trailblazer for the industry.

Indeed, the thing that makes for a truly great competitive game is a large player-base. The decentralized nature of Cryowar and economic incentives coupled with our Mobile and PC release will bring Cryowar the greatest exposure possible. As a result, players can be confident in our matchmaking and that every game will be a competitive affair where the winner earns their rewards and valour through merit alone.

We will bring fast matchmaking, fast gameplay, and a competitive experience from the comfort of your own home or when you’re busy and on the go in the palm of your hand.


Our Solana-based NFT game will be a first-mover on mobile and PC. Cryowar launches at a critical time where all of these markets are expanding in size. Our belief is that the PvP, fast-paced, short round action-based particulars, will lead to mass adoption, and we have created the perfect team to achieve our vision.

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