Cross The Ages — The Collectible and Ever-Evolving Metaverse

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
Cross The Ages — The Collectible and Ever-Evolving Metaverse

CTA (Cross The Ages) is our unique and innovative approach to both NFTs and blockchain gaming. This is a play-to-earn metaverse project that has a large list of long-term goals to reach, with the likes of movies, books, TV shows, and game expansions to come further down the line. We like to call our approach the “10-Year Process” because this isn’t something that’s trying to capitalize on the metaverse hype — this is a completely legitimate project that can help you develop a better financial future. The game is based on seven novels in total which will all be completed progressively over the next seven years.

What Makes Cross The Ages So Good?

I’m glad you asked! Our team of over 134 developers, which includes 65 artists and 14 authors, is completely dedicated to perfecting this project. Not only is our team much larger than most other metaverse gaming projects, but we’re also still adding talent to the pool and looking to grow even further. The collection and trading of CTA-based NFTs is almost a guaranteed way to earn a profit, as the scarcity of items is set in stone from the day our game launches.

Thoroughly Developed with Lore in Mind

We plan on bringing seven books in total to the real world, all of which will be available in five different languages. We plan to develop and publish these books within a seven year time frame, and will be produced by the writer responsible for the “Last Of Us” video game!

There are three major development studios working alongside us to ensure that the project is approached with innovation at every possible point. These studios include My Serious Game, Storybird, and Elite Systems Distribution. We have also recently signed a deal with MKM, the #1 platform in Europe for selling cards!

Growth is Guaranteed

With more major partnerships in the works, we’re looking to provide our players with a game that they can grow alongside as we develop more modes, opportunities for profit, and relationships with other major companies. Building a buzz is an important part of any metaverse project, and we are looking to do that by building relationships that will help us well into the future.

Anybody Can Play!

Participating in the game is simple enough for anyone to do, and you don’t even have to be a “gamer” to enjoy what Cross The Ages has to offer. Sure, you can earn money by simply playing, competing, and collecting/trading the art and cards available in-game, but you can also choose to simply read through the lore and “hold” the art itself.

A New Era of Metaverse Gaming

The game is developed using Unity (a AAA game development engine) yet maintains DeFi compatibility, giving users the perfect mix of both decentralized finance and metaverse gaming. This is a metaverse that will bring together the likes of developers, digital artists, gamers, and even possibly investors by offering unique game development opportunities and valuable collectibles.

What’s So Different About the World in CTA?

This isn’t just another crypto gaming project that will have you constantly checking the value of your tokens. As we’ve stated previously, we’re approaching things from a long-term perspective, because we truly believe that NFTs and metaverse gaming is the way of the future. Most projects are just looking to be good enough in the metaverse gaming realm, and that isn’t something we want to do.

Most blockchain games are quite bare when compared to your average AAA title. We are looking to overhaul the public opinion on metaverse gaming as we expand Cross The Ages over the next decade!

Own a Piece of Cross The Ages (and Profit)

You’ll be the sole owner of unique NFTs that represent a part of our ever-expanding (and living) universe within Cross The Ages. Each piece is going to be connected in one way or another, meaning you aren’t just purchasing randomly generated pieces of land — the universe will grow as you collect, but you’ll always have unique ownership of your collectibles.

Much like the recent “Arcane” release on Netflix is related to League of Legends, all of our NFTs and available land will connect with the Cross The Ages metaverse in one way or another. Be on the lookout for more updates throughout 2022, and be sure to connect with us on all platforms for access to additional art and other exclusives!

Join Cross The Ages!

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