ChainGuardians: Why we Invested

Apr 05 - Michael McLarnon
ChainGuardians: Why we Invested

NFTs and blockchain gaming is a fast growing market and ChainGuardians has an excellent platform and team to be a top contender in the space.”- Deeban Ratneswaran, GD10 Ventures

See our previous article for a full rundown of whatChainGuardians is by clicking here.

The decision to invest in ChainGuardians was highly strategic, and the team at GD10 believe that the potential for ChainGuardians to pave the way for NFT gaming platforms is substantial.

There is a strong team of investors committed to the project, of which GD10 are only one. The initial ChainGuardians private sale was over 10 times oversubscribed, and this allowed for high selectivity in the investors chosen to carry the project forward.

Ourselves aside, other key investors include AU21 capital, Genblock, GBV capital, Moonrock Capital, Moonwhale, Morningstar Ventures and Twin Apex. This seasoned group of investors have previously worked on projects such as Polkadot, Paralink and Bistox. Each investor brings unique value to the project, with much experience in generating strong communities, marketing and bringing projects from private funding into the public eye.

The Cryptoverse alliance, as mentioned in our full article, refers to a group of gaming NFTs that have collaborated with ChainGuardians to allow cross-platform integration of NFT characters on the ChainGuardian networks; each NFT is given a unique CGC value upon its appearance in the game. Large initial partners such as Ethermon and CryptoBeasties are a part of this alliance, with recent additions in the form of the up-and-coming Pepemon platform (which currently has NFTs listed on Opensea for as much as 6.3 ETH each ( ~12,500 USD)) joining the Cryptoverse.

In conclusion, both NFTs and gaming are extremely bullish spaces in cryptocurrency. Digital artwork and anime are also niche areas with strong audiences that have some overlap with blockchain enthusiasts. ChainGuardians represents the perfect recipe to capitalise on this emerging web3 gaming market. Moreover, two of the key determinants in valuing an NFT are its utility and speculative future value. Each item already has in-game utility, but as the Cryptoverse alliance expands the potential utility of any in-game item across gaming platforms also grows; by similar virtue, we can speculate that the future value of any NFTs will be higher, both, as cross-platform compatibility and ChainGuardians own userbase expands (see the full article on how NFTs are valued here).

With a strong founding team and experienced seed-stage investors guiding the project, we are confident that ChainGuardians will be leaders in NFT gaming.


By Michael McLarnon


Eds. Dr Deeban Ratneswaran


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