A First Look: RealFevr

Jul 24 - Michael McLarnon
A First Look: RealFevr

First Look: RealFevr

The Revolutionary NFT Fantasy League Project without compare

Imagine owning a special moment in Football history, which will immutably, unassailably and always belong to you… forever. Imagine owning the moment 19 year old Lionel Messi dribbles past the entire Getafe team to create one of the most legendary moments of all time. Imagine being part of the revolution that makes this all a reality.

GD10.Ventures looks for some of the most promising projects in this space, that deserve as much attention as possible, and we are excited to announce our investment in one of the most exciting projects of 2021. Watch Realfevr closely, as we release a series of articles, videos and content to educate on why why have invested and why we believe this is special.

Excited yet? so are we, read on.

NFTs, DeFi and Fantasy Football: An untapped marketplace

According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, there are over 60 million active users in some form of Fantasy Sport. About 80% of this relates specifically to Fantasy Football. The entire market is worth ~18.6 billion.

A web3 solution to Fantasy League gaming/football would therefore be an extremely lucrative proposition. One that several projects in the crypto space have attempted to address. Whilst some projects have achieved limited success, none have truly integrated a sleek mobile app, desirable NFT collectables and features DeFi utility; and none have done so to tackle the huge $20 billion global revenue football industry… until now.

Making NFT Fantasy Football a Reality

RealFevr was originally launched as a fantasy football league in 2017, and already has a platform with over 1.2 million registered users and 2.25 million app installations. Now, as it turns its gaze towards the NFT marketplace, it sits in a unique position, having the advantage of an existing thriving community.

The RealFevr gaming platform is both mobile and desktop compatible and features two main leagues: a free league (with potential for premium subscriptions for additional perks) and token-leagues (with wagering and prizes). The marketplace then runs on the $FEVR token as currency, and has a collectables marketplace for buying, selling and lending. Collectibles are backed by intellectual property and primarily come as official video NFTs (for example, of a top goal or save in football) with strong appeal to football fans. There are five tiers of collectibles ranging from common to unique, and all will have Metamask integration. Users can also purchase different grades of packs, from basic to rare to super-rare, with a limited quantity in each pack. In this way, the in-game marketplace operates similarly to the wildly successful FIFA Ultimate team franchise.

Who’s Behind RealFevr?

RealFevr has been built from the ground up by a world-class team, ranging from successful entrepreneurs to academics with publications specifically relating to cryptocurrency. Fred Antunes, the company CEO, is the current president of the Portuguese Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies; he is a leading authority on the subject, particularly in his native country. The executive chairman of the company, Andre Viana is the COO of a digital marketing company, Clever Advertising, and has a strong interest in cryptocurrency. Under his guidance, the project is sure to be marketed with expertise, something key to all successful start-ups in this sector. Other core team members boast over a decade of experience in blockchain, give lectures on web3 tech or are CEOs of related companies. All in all, this medium-sized team of 16 well-qualified experts are sure to take RealFevr to the top of the Fantasy NFT marketplace.

Check out an entire with Fred here:

Token Utility

The $FEVR token lies at the heart of the RealFevr platform and will be the responsible currency for all transactions on the RealFevr in-game marketplace. Aside from purchasing collectibles, several integrated DeFi features enable users to loan collectibles, stake tokens and subscribe to monthly $FEVR token packages, borrowing this last concept from traditional collectible games. $FEVR token will run on the Binance Smart Chain, and so all collectibles will also be deployed on BSC. Aside from NFT intrinsic value, all collectibles will have in-game utility as they relate to the Fantasy League itself (power boosts, bonus points).

We were vastly impressed by the professional design, clear direction, huge team experience and additive simplicity of RealFevr. All of this playing on a NFT and moment ownership narrative which is still very early in terms of global adoption but extremely powerful. Integrating RealFevr into an already successful company adds to the finesse.

The project has a low barrier-to-entry and an effortless user interface for potential users who may be previously naïve to cryptocurrency and NFTs. The multiple facets of video NFT intrinsic value and in-game utility, liquidity mining and loaning make this the most comprehensive venture in its niche, which we view as a secure, promising investment, and possible one of the most undervalued assets in the NFT boom for retail investors as per the writing of this article (9th July 2021).

Find out more about RealFevr at


By Michael McLarnon 

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