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About us

  • We develop early-stage Web3 companies with impressive ROI potential

    and are focused on enabling the most innovative blockchain start-ups through to mass adoption; accelerating growth through a combination of perceptive strategic advice, powerful growth marketing, and influential networking to smart capital.

  • and have invested and supported some of the most prominent Web3 start-ups to date

    Our investments have achieved top 100 market cap status, as we provide in-depth strategic support and guidance. Our lead investors are extensively educated serial entrepreneurs with degrees ranging from marketing, business, leadership, communication and education; and, have won over 40+ national and international awards.

  • by advising on strategy and leveraging powerful connections

    Our team run international educational courses and conferences across 8 European countries, India and the states with a highly optimising blogging platform. We operate as strategic advisors to other VCs, funds and communities, holding an impressive network of high-value individuals and a KOL reach of over 40 million across a global audience.


  • Portfolio

    Our portfolio investments achieve excellent ROI. Our investment thesis changes quarterly as we focus on important narratives that may have the biggest impact on the Web3 space. By being highly focused on specific product niches, we can incubate projects efficiently be leveraging the capabilities of other start-ups in that genre.

  • Growth Marketing

    We couple investments with tailored growth marketing packages to maintain token value growth and stability. This includes content production, professional narrated video production, guerrilla marketing and growth hacking, with competition management. We plan the entire strategy ahead of time and continue to manage the marketing long term.

  • Insights/Research

    Our inhouse team of 40+ individuals are working around the clock to deliver the latest insights into projects that we are working with. We do not believe in technical analysis for microcap projects but focus on fundamental analyses as to determine the potential of a start-up. Our content covers some of the most innovative tier 1 projects in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

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GD10 Ventures are one of Cryowar`s most valuable partners who we had the pleasure of meeting a few times in person in London. Simply put, Dr. Deeban saw the deep potential instantly, and was able to create a whole long-term strategy after our marketing and advisory calls. His team of exceptional specialists, across marketing, KOL management and strategy, cover all the time zones and operate diligently. He is a strategic expert with vast crypto markets knowledge and connections, including in the higher levels of the financial world. Most importantly his work ethic is off the charts. We are organizing weekly regular calls and have been able to grow our immediate community reach from 5 000 to 80 000 members, and this is just the beginning of our venture together.

Mariyan Boychev - Co-founder and CFO, Cryowar

Deeban has a rare set of talent anyone will come by in the crypto industry - strong technical diligence, deep rooted network, and leadership. His knowledge of the space allows him to have a clear vision, and the ability to guide founders on their path to success. I've been lucky to work with him, and if you see him involved in a project, that's a free Alpha to get involved!

Kinsa Durst - CMO,, Former CMO, Reef Finance (Binance listed)

ChainGuardians is one of the first gaming developers with a focus on NFTs. GD10 believed in this vision from our first meeting. Having a valuable venture capital firm like GD10 really helped the company to accelerate the growth of our business. Deeban and his team have continuously provided exceptional support, valuable advice and connections. He is not only interested in the project’s ROI, but also in the founder’s well-being. He treated our company just like his own project and put in huge effort and dedication to ensure we were on the right path to success. It is an honour to have Deeban and GD10 supporting us.

Emma Liu - CEO,

I can’t say enough about Dr. Deeban aka ProfD. The service that he has provided for Roseon, the valuable introductions that he has made is the absolute best. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive. Dr. Deeban has deep knowledge in GameFi and Metaverses, we can always trust him to provide the smartest solution to our problems. We value Dr. Deeban so much that we proudly appointed him as our advisor.

Allan Ta - CEO, Roseon Finance, Lavendar Capital

At Flourishing Capital, we held our venture capital and advisory partners to the highest standards of vision, passion for our project, integrity, and results. Deeban and the GD10 team easily exceeded our expectations. Most venture capital firms can provide introductions and provide guidance, certainly, but GD10 felt to us like a third founder. They took the reigns of marketing strategy until we were able to solidify branding and messaging. They took an active part in coordinating partnerships and mitigating our risk profile. Both teams remained in close constant communication from idea inception to IDO and beyond IDO. We credit this coordination with our ability to accelerate the product and community build. Simply put, we consider partnering with GD10 an essential part of launching a crypto project.

Eric Gonzalez - Founder and CEO,

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